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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Robobob: Life of the party

Dancing robots have been around for some time now, I'll give you that. Generally they are simply scripted lists of moves which are synchronized (or not) to a particular song. It took some hard work, but I've managed to take a different approach:

This dance isn't scripted! It's being generated based on the music being played, which means that Robobob will dance in time with any music you care to play to him!

Well, most music. The tempo is detected using a Fast Fourier Transform, which can separate beats and bass-lines from the rest of the music. This works great for songs with a strong bass component, but doesn't work so well on music composed of higher frequencies or vocals.

Simply place your robobuilder on the nearest sub woofer though, and you should be in business!

Watch in amazement as your robotic buddy dances along (almost) in time to the beat!

Impress your friends with his funky dancing styles consisting of over TWO distinct moves!

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